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By Jove, I think I've got it!
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This is an icon journal that'll contain tutorials, icons and other things such as brushes and textures.

- Crediting: Everything is for the taking, and all I ask is that if you take anything, please link back to this journal. If not, I will have to command my army of rabid squirrels to attack you. ;) Here's a tutorial on how to credit icon makers, it's really simple. :)
- HOTLINK: Hotlink these icons, and my squirrels will once again come to attack you. C'mon folks, it's rreaaalllly easy to open a Photobucket account. Seriously. I'll even open one for you, if you'd like. Don't know what hotlinking is? Now you do.
- Bases? None of the icons are bases unless it specifically says so. In other words, don't go Photoshop happy and add your personal "touches" to the icons (as fun as it seems! :D). Unless it says you can.

Chances of me updating this journal is like seeing a blue moon. Have you seen one? I haven't. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little. But be forewarned that you'll see many sporadic updates, and maybe long periods of time where I don't post. But you're welcome to add me (and stroke my ego a bit!) - maybe it'll motivate me to do something! :D

I will spam your inbox at least once if you comment in any entry in this journal, regardless of the randomness of the comment. If you say "cheese", I will say "wiz". If you say "baa baa", I will say "black sheep." You get the point. ;) If you say something nice about my tutorial/icon/whatever, it's only nice to reply, right? :)

Programs I use: Adobe Photoshop CS, Paint Shop Pro 8, Animation Shop 3, and occassionally Image Ready CS if I can figure the damn thing out! Please don't ask me about GIMP - the only thing that comes to mind when people say "GIMP" is garden gnomes. Why? I have no idea. Really.

p.s. If you want to add my actual LJ, you're more than welcome to. I like new friends (but not stalker ones). :D


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